2018 Year In Review

2018 was another great year for Friends in Focus! Completing our sixth year as a non-profit organization, we are pleased to continue our work for and with those we serve. Our mission remains advancing the educational opportunities of students in Montgomery County, North Carolina, plus improving and increasing programs and activities for senior citizens in Mount Gilead and the surrounding area. Thankful for our partners and all who supported us in 2018, we look forward to the new year.

Below are some of the initiatives and accomplishments of Friends In Focus in 2018:

  • our mentoring program (Gator Good Guys) at Mt. Gilead Elementary School completed its sixth year. The central themes are the value of a quality education, good manners and good citizenship. These young men (4th and 5th graders) are taught the Formula for Success and the 12 Rules of Success at the elementary school level.
  • Saturday Academy, our tutoring program, has a makeup of girls and guys, grades three through five. Working with over 20 students each month, focused on reading, math and etiquette, we are encouraged by the improvement of the students. We engage in career exploration and the educational requirements. Also, each year the students take a cultural trip visiting a museum and a movie.
  • sponsored and produced the Sixth Annual Community Appreciation Gala, honoring local businessman Mr. Gary McRae with the Milfred F. Greene Outstanding Achievement Award.
  • awarded a record twelve (12) college scholarships for minority seniors in the Montgomery County School System, to help encourage more minorities attend college.
  • for the fifth year, co-sponsored and conducted a three-week youth summer enrichment program at Highland Community Center, concentrating on reading skills.
  • in year number six, participated in the summer reading enrichment program at Mt. Gilead Elementary School and donated 421 books for students to read over the summer to help prevent the dreaded ‘summer slide’. In six years, we have donated over 1900 books in support of this program.
  • we continued our work with the faith community and other volunteers to create a common purpose around education and community pride and helped sponsor and coordinate the third, annual back to school rally and picnic in Mt. Gilead, providing book bags and other school supplies for 145 students.
  • continued the consulting relationship with Highland Community Center, focused on more activities for seniors and youth. Efforts are underway for more fieldtrips, movies for seniors, a youth basketball program and job training and education through Montgomery Community College.

List of programs and activities:

  • Gator Good Guys
  • Saturday Academy
  • Highland Summer Enrichment
  • Student/Parent Scholarship Workshop
  • Minority Scholarship Program
  • Annual Community Appreciation Gala
  • Participant in Mt. Gilead Summer Book Giveaway
  • Coordinator for Community Back to School Rally
  • Consultant relationship with Highland Community Center

Opportunities For 2019:

“For those of us who keep score, we learn early that activities are good, but results are the key to sustainability. In the new year, and in addition to our programs and activities, Friends In Focus will direct considerable effort to partnering with decision makers, focused on fostering a higher level of community engagement, transparency and accountability; and at all times, working to achieve our mission.”

Earl Leake,
President, Friends In Focus

Thank you to all who have helped Friends In Focus grow in its mission in 2018. For more information about the organization and support opportunities, please see friendsinfocus.org or call (704) 905-9201.

“we serve, not because of what we give, but why we give.”


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