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Friends In Focus: The Beginning

In 2012, a group of friends, mostly from Mt. Gilead, NC, came together and planned an appreciation dinner for their 84 year old 5th grade teacher. This educator had provided encouragement and motivated his students to reach beyond their current setting.

The dinner was a great success and after realizing the community impact, the friends decided to look for other ways they could help their hometown. It was decided the group would become a formal non-profit corporation. The process has begun and the corporation is named Friends In Focus. The tax exempt status is in progress.

Friends In Focus has 2 key objectives: help improve the educational opportunities of students in Montgomery County, North Carolina and provide programs and activities for senior citizens in Mt. Gilead.

In a year’s time, the group has started several programs at Mt. Gilead Elementary School, including a Gator Good Guys mentoring program with over 20 students focus on making right choices, a Saturday Academy for students requiring more effort towards reading and math and an after school program to assist with home work and class work. Also 3 college scholarships were created for West Montgomery High School for graduating college bound minority students.

Annually, an appreciation gala is scheduled for June in Mt. Gilead, where a citizen will be honored for his or her volunteer work in the community in the name of the 5th grade teacher, the Milford F. Greene Outstanding Achievement Award.

To date, most of the above activities have been funded by Friends In Focus, with no corporate giving, less admission to the gala and contributions from friends and acquaintances.

We urge you to consider membership and/or sponsorship of this organization. With your help, we can do more. All questions may be directed to Earl Leake at 704-905-9201 or email at edleake@hotmail.com.

“we serve, not because of what we give, but why we give”

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