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Programs Serving Our Community…

Youth Programs

  • Gator Good Guys – The Gator Good Guys (Triple G) is a mentoring group for youngsters focusing individuals in good behavior and making good choices. Mentors give students structure; help with attitude and behavior issues, as well as academics. Weekly progress is measured through reports from teachers including reports on homework, class work, and respect for teachers and other adults, respect for fellow students, appropriate dress and overall behavior. Recognition and rewards are given for improvement and to also show them that there are consequences of behavior and performance. “Our goal for all of them is a top shelf education.” says Mr. Leake, President of Friends In Focus.
  • Triple G Kids @ Bobcats Game

    Triple G Kids @ Bobcats Game

  • Saturday Academy– Friends in Focus work closely with the teachers and staff at Mt. Gilead Elementary to provide a tutoring program focused on reading, math and good manners. The students with assistance from the volunteers work through tasks within workbooks and other materials. In the reading program the students read and answer questions about short non-fiction articles. Our president (Mr. Earl Leake) has stated many times; “read because it affects everything”. Students are given reading and writing assignments to take home and upon returning to the next session give an oral report to the audience in attendance. We track student progress through report cards and talks with teachers.
  • 2013 Saturday Academy Session

    2013 Saturday Academy Session

  • Reading For Success – ONE COMMUNITY, Friends In Focus and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of Mt. Gilead Elementary sponsor “Reading For Success” program. This is a reading program for Mt. Gilead Elementary School designed to provide individualized reading assistance to students.
  • Providing scholarships to deserving seniors
  • On The left, 2013 Scholarship Recipient

    On The left, 2013 Scholarship Recipient

Senior Citizens Programs

  • Seniors citizens view movies sponsored by Friends In Focus.
  • Movie watching in Summer of 2013

    Movie watching in Summer of 2013

    Early arrivals at the summer movie series at Highland Community Center.

  • Coffee With The Seniors – As co-sponsor of the ONE COMMUNITY initiative, Friends In Focus completed several events for senior citizens.
  • Strategic Planning/Consulting for Highland Community Center

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Community Links…

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CFNC (College Foundation of North Carolina)
A student may use this link to go to a website to fill out a college application and for information related to applying for college including FAFSA (financial aid).

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