Highland Summer Enrichment Program

Published August 23, 2014

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The following news item is in reference to the Highland Summer Enrichment Program, July 7th through July 25th 2014, and is a memo to the board of directors from the president of Friends In Focus. It is edited for brevity.

Good morning Friends In Focus,

The 3-week summer school (Highland Summer Enrichment Program) is in the history books. From my perspective, it was a huge success… One thing for sure, we have the right person to lead the program in Ms. Felecia Chambers. She was awesome and has a “get it done attitude”.

… it is evident the students were engaged in learning and we had a great instructor corps with three seasoned teachers from the area, Kay Kinch, Mary Gilman and Doris Cuthrell, in addition to Felecia.

Our first week ended with a trip to the Montgomery County Library in Troy, NC, where the students were given a tour and exposed to the value of being avid readers.

On the 2nd Friday of the school, we took all of the students (26) to Discovery Place in Charlotte. It was a great trip for them and thanks to Carolyn Clark, Florence Leake, Jackie Lilly, Melvin Parker and Victor Earl, who joined the 4 instructors, two bus drivers- Rev. David Wooley and Jerry Dumas and yours truly as chaperones and we needed everyone of us to keep up with the students. Attached is a group picture of the Discovery Place group.

For the final day, we had a celebration, with some family members in attendance as well as a modest number of local citizens. We gave each student (18 completed the 3 week program) a gift bag which included school supplies, fruit and a pouch drink. Their greatest excitement was when we gave each of them a book bag. That was truly a priceless moment to see the joy on their faces. Again thanks to those who were able to volunteer a portion of the 3 weeks, it was much appreciated. Along with Margaret Cook Chambers, shout outs go to Margaret’s husband and son, Carolyn Clark, Florence Leake, Ruth Greene, Melvin Parker, Lori Parker, Jackie Lilly, Lindsey Gaudette and two student helpers – Ta’mijah Martin and Tazier Thomas. Also thanks to Mr. Asia Dumas for providing us with water and lemonade and Highland Community Center for the use of its facility.

Thanks for all you do to promote the mission of Friends In Focus.

Take care,


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